testimonials - Jennifer Ward

I had been studying and practicing the Dharma on my own for several years. I thought, “I’m a scientist, I can figure this out, right?” I had read repeatedly that having a teacher to help guide you is essential to development along the path; I have seen the benefits firsthand. I started attending sessions led by Janka, where she offered the teachings in a way that made things so much more clear. It is evident that her guidance is founded in deep study and practice of the Dharma.

Through her mentoring, I have able to deepen my understanding and practice in profound ways. It has spilled over into every aspect of my life, improving personal and professional relationships and helping me to respond more skillfully to the constant flow of change that life has to offer. She has a way of asking the right questions/offering the right teachings at just the right time. I feel truly fortunate to have access to such a teacher with so much presence and wisdom.