testimonials - Frank. G. Rao

I had been sitting zazen and reading Mahayana for several years before I met Janka, but I was still "not getting it." I was able to discuss the ideas and beliefs, however that left me empty. I also went on several retreats. At times I doubted my practice and frequently just waited out the timer.

After meeting Janka things began to change. I started going to Chattanooga Insight and eventually asked her to meet privately. I quickly welcomed Janka as my teacher. She introduced me to Vipassana and the Pali canon.I began to realize that Buddhism was not about the academic understanding of the various lists, beliefs and rituals. We began to speak about my experience in both meditation and daily life, and I slowly began to better understand the teachings with more clarity. Although many of the Buddha's teachings can be used to describe the material world and can be scientifically understood, I started to see that the Buddha was talking about our perceptional reality, which eluded me. She demonstrated to me that my job was to gain insight into the direct experience of the arising and passing of my mind states and cultivate the wholesome ones.

Since working with Janka my practice has deepened and better informs my life. I have increased my daily meditation and metta practice along with the frequency of recitation of suttas. Meeting Janka has been good fortune, she is a great blessing in my life.